Hear from some of my previous clients for an idea of what it’s like to work with me!

“Kat is an amazing personal trainer. She really has a vast knowledge base of the human body and how to workout each muscle group. Since I have been going to her, my body has changed to exactly what I want it to look like. She emphasizes good technique to have maximum effect. I highly recommend Kat for anyone wanting to shape their body and get stronger. She is especially good at working with women at all different levels. Give her a try, you will be amazed at how quickly your strength will improve!”

-Gigi K.

“I want to commend Kat for her excellence as a personal trainer. I met Kat shortly after recovering from a lumbar back spasm. I wanted to resume weight training and rebuild a solid foundation to advance. She had the expertise and a consistent, positive, motivating attitude to take me through the apprehensive stages of challenging my body, to conquering my fears, and actually seeing results in strength and muscle mass again. She set rational goals which were achievable and facilitated my progress, progress which quickly accelerated. I set many personal best records (back squat, front squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press) working with Kat and now am able to approach lifting with a foundation of knowledge stability and confidence that I never had before. I learned a great deal about myself and the mechanics of lifting. I would be pleased to share more details to anyone interested in learning more about my experience working with Kat. Thank you Kat!”

-Nick B.

Asila’s first attempt at a bodyweight pull-up.  I got a little excited.

“Kat is a wonderful personal trainer. In addition to being an outstanding trainer, Kat has a great sense of humor, which makes the time go fast during tougher workouts. Kat develops challenging programs for her clients, while being mindful about their fitness goals and injuries. Kat pushes you to strive for more in your workouts and in your overall health and wellness. Kat has a solid understanding of nutrition and what works best in combination with the strength training regimen she creates for her clients. Her focus on strength training directly resulted in my weight loss and body sculpting and has changed how I will exercise in the future. I have never been as strong and confident as I have while working out with Kat.”

-Asila C.

“Kat Whitfield was my trainer for about a year and a half. I was 58, somewhat overweight, moderately active (walking, gardening), had a bad back and knees and had never used a personal trainer when I came to Kat with the ubiquitous goal of getting fit. She immediately charmed me with her cheerful disposition and can do attitude. She is very goal oriented so she suggested I come up with some personal objectives. From then on we worked together to accomplish these goals. Kat guided me through fun, but challenging exercises and never faltered in her encouragement and creativity. I rarely did the same exercise twice, and she always modified an exercise if there was any hint that it might aggravate a medical condition. Kat is a form fanatic and always paid close attention to how a movement was performed so I could attain the greatest benefit with no injury. And when I met a goal which I previously would never have thought possible, Kat was perhaps happier than me at my success.

I worked out with Kat three times a week for half an hour. During my time with Kat I know I became stronger. I lost maybe 5 pounds, but I’m certain some fat was replaced with muscle. When I started with her I wore a size 8 or 10 dress. Slowly I started noticing I was fitting into some size 6’s. Shortly before Kat left my gym, I astonishingly bought a fitted dress in a size 4. All this is to say I would definitely recommend Kat to anyone hoping to embark on a fun and successful journey to fitness.”

-Liz W.

“Kat Whitfield combines great expertise with a warm and caring manner. She really listens, and tailors the workouts accordingly. When I first started working with Kat I had some recurring pain in my hips. Kat quickly diagnosed what the problem was and put me on a course of training, stretching, and rolling that targeted the muscle groups that needed work. She’s a real stickler for proper form, which is essential for the proper results. Within a couple of weeks, no more hip pain!

I have worked with a lot of excellent trainers, but Kat Whitfield is truly exceptional–a real star.”

-Elizabeth S.


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