About Kat


My name is Kat and I’ve been a personal trainer for the past 4 years.  Besides my obvious passion for de-bunking popular fitness and diet myths, I am completely devoted to being strong, dogs, helping other people get strong, and fluffy puppies.


Being in the industry, it makes me extremely upset to see the ridiculous amount of bad information over-saturating the market.  While we may not know exactly how every hormone in our body works, nor do we know exactly everything that happens when you eat a gram of fat, losing weight and getting fit isn’t a process that requires shelves upon shelves of diet and exercise books.

How can you decide if a piece of information is actually helpful or just plain bullshit?  It’s my aim through this blog to shuffle through all the fitness information given by today’s popular media and shed some light on the subject to help others better reach their goals.

Check out my old blog here for some previous posts and get an idea of the topics I’ll be addressing here!

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