Program Design

While I love to have very close and personal relationships with my clients, I understand that some of us just need a little guidance in our fitness and lifestyle journeys!

A very budget-friendly option, with my Program Design service I will review any current diet or training program you’re on, help you find a good match, or simply design a new one for you.  You’ll have the option to choose between:

  • Training Programming
  • Lifestyle Programming
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Programming

As with my other services, I’ll get to know a little bit more about you with a free consultation.  This will help me design a program tailored to your current lifestyle, preferences and goals.

We’ll chat about:

  • Past experiences (if any) with exercise and diet plans
  • Current lifestyle and schedule
  • Food and activity preferences and roadblocks
  • Health and fitness goals and planning
  • Any individual exercise contraindications and dietary needs

Once you become a Program Design client, you’ll be eligible for:

  • Monthly program design updates
  • Unlimited email correspondence

The only pre-requisites for training are a computer and a phone camera or digital recorder.  No requirement for a gym, a certain amount you must devote to working out or eating brussels sprouts even if you hate them.

Set Up Your Consultation

To set up your free consultation, just enter your details in the form below.  Let me know if you prefer a phone call or a chat service, a good time to contact you, and any questions you may have!


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