Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

“It’s not about a 3-week diet and exercise plan.  You have to make a lifestyle change.”

Have you ever heard that phrase before?  There’s definitely truth to it – real, lasting results take changes in your lifestyle, not a temporary plan.  The thing is, there aren’t too many guides out there for how to construct your own personalized, sustainable nutrition and training programs.

That’s because to make your individualized plan, a coach needs to know you as an individual.  You wouldn’t expect a single, 25-year old woman with a busy career to follow the exact same diet as a married 40-year old who chases four little kids around all day would you?  If your busy schedule only allowed you to workout in sporadic 10-minute bursts at home, wouldn’t you require a different training plan than someone who can go to the gym for a solid hour?

And that just scratches the surface!

So if you’ve tried to stick to a healthy eating plan and failed time and time again, maybe it’s time to mold your diet around your life – not the other way around.  Let’s get you on a training program filled with activities you actually enjoy, rather than just another generic program filled with mountain climbers and burpees.

Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

With Fitness & Lifestyle coaching you’ll get the one-on-one attention you need.  You have the option to choose between:

  • Fitness Coaching
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

We’ll start with a free phone or chat service consultation, based on your preference.  During your consultation we’ll chat about:

  • Past experiences (if any) with exercise and diet plans
  • Current lifestyle and schedule
  • Food and activity preferences and roadblocks
  • Health and fitness goals and planning
  • Any individual exercise contraindications and dietary needs

Once you’re a Fitness & Lifestyle client you’ll receive:

  • Assessment (Fitness / Fitness & Lifestyle clients only) – I’ll take a look at how you currently move via video correspondence.  This helps me design appropriate programming and progressions for you.
  • Bi-weekly training plans and/or lifestyle goals
  • Unlimited email correspondence – I always respond to client emails within 24 hours.
  • Weekly phone call check-in on a day and time of your choosing
  • On the spot program adjustment if needed

No gym access?  No problem!  If you don’t have access to a gym (or even if you’d just prefer not to go to one), I may make suggestions for cheap, portable equipment like bands, but I’ll customize a plan completely to what you have available – even if that’s just your own body!

Don’t have room in your budget for organic kale with a side of grass-fed, hormone-free beef?  Fear not – a healthful diet doesn’t have to be expensive!  I’ll help you set up meal ideas tailored to your food preferences, how much time you have for cooking, and what kind of kitchen utensils you have.

Set Up Your Consultation

To schedule your free consultation, just enter your details in the form below.  Let me know if you prefer a phone call or a chat service, a good time to contact you, and any questions you may have!


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